artistic wednesday: 26 days of tea in japan


A little bit of inspiration after two months of silence, making time for exploring the world of tea again.

Combining éthique and a full time job, was harder than I thought. But éthique is back! First things first, I adore the work of Ruby Silvious, she exprimented with recyled and found materials and tea bags. See for yourself, what do you think?


yuheng tea identity & packaging


I always have a weak for good design. And on every packaging design site I found this tea brand yuheng. The logo mark is designed base on Chinese character "恆' taken from brand name "有恆焙茶". It also a graphical representation of the tea leaves inside a tea cup.

I find it quite beautiful, what do you think?


tea basics


So you've decided to get serious about your tea. 

You've ditched cheap teabags for more premium, full-flavored loose leaves and you're ready to start brewing. Tea doesn't need any ceremony or special equipment to taste great, and the more money you save on brewing tools, the more you have to spend on better tea. But what to brew with? 


brew basket

Best known way (next to teabags) to brew tea. It gives the tea more room to expand to two to five times their dry size, so they can release their full flavor. This is for the beginning tea lover



This is yokode kyusu, a teapot with a side handle. If you're a really big fan of delicate Japanese green teas, this is the perfect teapot. The tea leaves float freely in the teapot and are filter by the mesh filter at the base of the spout of the Kyusu.



If you want to take it a step further you try this classic Chinese brewing vessel is called a gaiwan. It's nothing more than a cup with a lid that you fill with leaves and brew in, then decant, using the lid as a strainer. It gives the tea more breathing room, so to speak, for water to circulate around them. 


clay teapot (expert)

This teapot is for the expert tea geek. Simply put, these are small (one cup) pots made of fine clay that are left unglazed, so the clay can directly interact with the tea while brewing. You typically pair a pot with a single style of tea, and over time that tea will form a distinct patina on the pot's interior.

My favorite teapot of Hasami

My favorite teapot of Hasami

Variations of the clay teapot

Variations of the clay teapot


manual tea maker nº1


I really like this kickstarter project of studio Manual: Craighton Berman. Tea Maker Nº1 is a minimalist tea brewer (inspired by the Chinese Gaiwan) designed to give maximum control of your tea’s flavor. Inspired by this ancient steeper, they wanted to create a contemporary version for the modern tea drinker. It’s so easy to use that tea bags become unnecessary. Berman even calls tea bags “those ubiquitous little sacks filled with the dust of low quality tea”, which i totally agree with. 


The Tea Maker Nº1 is ment for high quality tea leaves to practice how to make to ultimate tea.  They really want you to fully experience what this world of pure tea has to offer. It’s easy to learn but requires practice to master. At Manual, we like that it makes the act of preparing tea into a small ritual, the labor becoming part of the enjoyment.


all images are copyright of Kickstarters

all images are copyright of Kickstarters


If you are tired of reading, you can also watch the introduction movie of kickstarters below.. there are still 2 days left to back the project, they have already reached there goal, but you can preorder the tea maker!